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HMW Enterprises, Inc.
207 N. Franklin Street
PO Box 309
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Telephone (717) 765-4690
Fax (717) 765-4660

HMW Lifetime Customer Service Exceeds Industry Standards

Recognize any of these? We can still keep them going!

"Support and Service after the sale" has been the cornerstone of HMW's business philosophy for over 30 years. For this reason we maintain an extremely versatile and expereinced service department. The versatility of our team is an important factor in the effective support of our diverse high-tech product lines -- specialty/industrial computers and computer-based control/motion systems.

Because of HMW's commitment to design quality into every product we manufacture, many of our units have been in operation for 20 or even 30 years. With an installed base of thousands of units created over decades of business, that is an impressive track record.

Most of HMW's products and systems are in installed in harsh industrial or even hazardous environments -- that is the very nature of the process and machine tool control industry. Equipment exposed to these conditions does require occasional maintenance and repair. The chemicals and oils characteristically present in such facilities such as drill platforms, automotive engine plants, sewage treatment plants, refining and mining companies of various types -- just to name a few -- are tough on both people and equipment.

HMW provides service and support on a wide variety of products, not limited to our own. HMW has manufactured "generations" of industrial computers. The RainbowTM Series color terminals (for which HMW carried the registered trademark until 1993), manufactured from 1975 to 1990, is still supported with spares, repairs and/or replacements with compatible equipment of more recent vintage. In the machine tool controls/motion product line, we service:

  • The Landis Microtronic® Feed System
  • The MPCTM I Control
  • The MPCTM II-2K, 8K and -E Control Versions
  • Cupe (Cuproc) controls -- hardware support services for these controls installed on Landis grinders in the 1980's and 1990's.

    HMW's capabilities include rebuild and/or repair of entire systems when necessary, or we can provide replacement modules for all components of a system.

    The end-user must have properly functioning equipment to run processes economically and reliably. Failure causes loss of production and fast turn-around of repairs or replacement is of the utmost importance. HMW has built-up a large service inventory of parts, modules and factory-rebuilt equipment to expedite response to service demands.